Publish date: 28 November 2023

Trust staff have come together once more to present their ideas on how they would enhance patient care and support staff wellbeing at this year's Dragons' Den final pitch on Monday 20 November. 

Ten project leads who delivered pitches in front of the Trust's Chief Nurse, Liz Rix, Chief Financial Officer, Mark Orchard, and Director of Governance and Risk, Taff Gidi, were agreed funding for their proposals, which range from refurbishments to a virtual reality headset.  

For the projects, we set aside £50,000 from our general Working Together Fund, kindly donated by the public.

Read more about our shortlisted projects which have been agreed funding

Project one 

Emily Jones, Interim Deputy Divisional Nurse Director, asked for funding to help enhance our nurse-led unit on C2. The project will improve the environment for patients in the unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital (QA). 

Dragons' Den funding will support new additions to the unit including a skylight, wall mural, dementia-friendly clocks, information boards, coloured curtains, crockery, TVs and bathroom signs.

Project two

Steph Le Petit, a matron at our Trust, asked for funding to be spent on a new patient transfer weighing scale for QA Hospital's Medical Village. Funding this equipment will mean staff will be able to accurately weigh immobile or critically unwell patients.

Dragons' Den funding for this project will also help staff prescribe medication for patients who transfer from the emergency department or directly from an ambulance according to their weight. It will also help colleagues to assess a patient's nutritional risk. 

Project three

Debbie Hill, Clinical Lead Midwife for Public Health at QA Hospital, asked for funding for the Maternity Sunflower Scheme. Funding for this project will help provide a series of easy read resources - including a maternity passport and birth plan - to support those attending our maternity service who have a learning disability. 

Dragons' Den funding will also help this project by providing hope boxes for mums and babies where separation sadly occurs. The boxes will contain items such as blankets and toys. 

Project four

Our Trust's Laura Durdle, Ruth Reeve and Samira Drees came together to propose improvements to QA Hospital's ultrasound inpatient rooms. 

The project will provide increased patient privacy, dignity and comfort to anxious patients using the facility thanks to additions such as a skylight, projector, wall mural, revamped waiting area and a radio. 

Project five

Sarah Russell, Nurse Consultant and Trust Lead for Palliative and End of Life Care and Family Liaison Service Manager, Michelle Lobo, presented their idea to renew funding for the Trust-wide Butterfly Resources. These resources will be guaranteed through further Dragons' Den funding, to support staff, patients and families during end-of-life care. 

Practical support examples of the Butterfly resources, include handmade syringe driver bags, resin 'loving hearts', bags for patients' property and butterfly information signs for clinical areas.

Project six

Katie-Ellen Candy, Senior Nurse for Gynaecology Outpatients at Queen Alexandra Hospital (QA), asked for funding to support patients within her department. The project will enhance the experience for female coloscopy and hysteroscopy patients at QA Hospital, aiding vulnerable women's health and wellbeing while undergoing minor procedures. 

Dragons' Den funding will enable improvements to the gynaecology outpatients department, which include skylights added to both procedure rooms and enhancements to the waiting area.

Project seven

Katrina James, a Nurse Specialist at QA Hospital, asked for funding to address patients' nutritional challenges, including securing assistance cutlery. 

The project will aid those living with grip and strength challenges, with funding helping to purchase beakers, non-slip mats and plate guards. This will all help patients with additional needs to eat more easily and promote independence. 

Project eight

Zoe Parton, a Play Specialist at the QA Hospital Paediatrics Emergency Department, presented her idea to renew funding for an innovative VR headset. 

Supported by fantastic feedback from patients and their families, this project will continue to ease young patients' anxiety through use of the headset during routine procedures like blood tests. It will also enable staff to complete many more procedures without the need for sedation. 

Project nine

Proposed by the Trust's Sharon Court, this project has requested funding for refurbishments to be applied to QA Hospital's A level breastfeeding room. 

The project will offer much-needed privacy to mothers using the room by adding a curved curtain around its door. Anxious patients and those with social discomfort will benefit from a more welcoming feel to the space thanks to additions including new chairs, changing stations, supportive literature and a mural.

Project ten

Presented by our charity's Kate Sandys, this project has asked for funding to enhance the experience for those attending Gosport War Memorial Hospital's x-ray reception. 

The project will offer visitors and improved experience, with additions including refreshed paint work with dementia-friendly colours, sensory aspects such as lighting and music, a child friendly area, environment-themed murals and new seating.