Portsmouth Hospitals Charity is proud to be the partner charity to Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust. We receive kind donations from our patients and community everyday. It is our job to steward these donations to be spent on projects that go over and above NHS provision

Our aims

We have three main aims as a Charity;

We enhance patient care by

  • Purchasing enhanced medical equipment
  • Purchasing equipment to improve patient comfort
  • Supplying everyday items to support our patients stay
  • Improving patient environments 

We support staff welfare by

  • Funding appropriate non-mandatory training, travel and accommodation costs
  • Support the #ProudtobePHU programme
  • Purchasing items for staff areas, such as fridges and microwaves
  • Improving staff environments 

We advance medical research by

  • Utilising our existing research funds for maximum impact
  • Delivery of a 'Research and Innovation Fund’ to support green shoots research projects
  • Delivery of an overarching Charity and Research Strategy to ensure we maximise on opportunities


Our Vision

Working Together to support excellence in care for our patients and communities.